Apple’s WWDC will take place on 13th June: What to expect

Apple has sent out the invitations for its annual World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) where apple announces new software, hardware, computers(Macs) and new features for the existing apple products.

There also might be a new Apple Music overhaul that suggests Apple might be relaunching its music service. Apple Music will be likely getting a major redesign like having a bolder and a more simpler look.

Apple WWDC
Apple WWDC

Now, what all will change?

Apple updated their WWDC app with a dark theme which leaves us to believe that the iOS 10 will have a dark mode which will introduce a dark theme in iOS. This will make everything easy to read and will make the overall iOS experience more fun. Everything will be dark and that’s going to be one of it’s biggest selling point. Also, Apple will be moving to OLED displays in 2017 so implementation of a dark mode is must right now. It will be very cool and something absolutely necessary. A total of 72 new Emojis are also expected to come in iOS 10 because unicode 9.0 might get supported on iOS 10.

Apple is likely to rename OS X to MacOS and Apple’s personal assistant SIRI will finally be making it to the big screen, just like its Microsoft counterpart Cortana. That’s all what we know about the OS X.

We still have a doubt regarding the MacBook pro lineup. Several rumours suggested that there will be a new MacBook lineup which will have an OLED touch panel over the keyboard but according to sone sources, this year’s WWDC will be more focused on the software rather than the hardware.

Take everything with a pinch of sat because all these are just rumours. Nothing is confirmed yet. WWDC will be held on 13th June 2016 so, be sure to tune in on June 13 for a live stream of the event.

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